Blue porch lights show support for local law enforcement

blue porch lightPeople in Perry and across the country are showing their support for the police by putting blue ribbons on trees and blue light bulbs in their porch lights.

Perry Assistant Chief of Police Forrest Smith said the blue porch lights are a way of showing support for local law enforcement.

“It really means a lot to those men who are working nights to look over and see a blue porch light,” Smith said. “When they see the blue light, they know they have support from the people living in that house.”

Smith said some of the Perry- Police officers have discussed the possibility of getting some blue light bulbs and offering them to community members who would like to put one in their porch light. He said they need to locate a supplier of blue light bulbs. He also said they are looking forward to being able to do it.

“Our goal would be to get as many houses possible lit up with blue porch lights,” Smith said.

Putting a blue bulb in the porch light started after five police officers were slain in Dallas, TX. It was a way of showing support for the fallen officers. It has since evolved to show support for local law enforcement.

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